Three Movements (1995). Duration 13 minutes.

Moliody (an Ideology) (2005) for percussion duo. Duration 7 minutes.
Apparatus of Lies (2003) for amplified accordion, electric bass, and prerecorded sound. Duration 5 seconds.
mitten in der st(i/e)lle (2002) for string quartet. Duration 10 minutes.
Wandering Rocks (1998-2001) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. Duration 28 minutes.
InSolve (2000) for violin and piano. Duration 15 minutes.
Four Pieces (1999) for violin and piano. Duration 5 minutes.
Composition C (1997-8) for two pianos. Duration 7 minutes.
Motus ad Fugam (1995) for violin, viola, cello, and piano. Duration 8 minutes.

To Sleep, Perchance... (1998) for mixed voices (SSAATTBB). Duration 8 minutes.

Filibuster (2007/8) for bass clarinet. Duration 9 minutes.

decembermusic (2006) for piano. Duration 3 minutes.

novembermusic (2004) for piano. Duration 7 minutes.
Verdichtung (2002) for bassoon. Duration 8 minutes.
In Medias Res (2002) for Turkish ud. Duration 12 minutes.
Composition B (1997) for piano. Duration 7 minutes.

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